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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 10, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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but the cauliflower is perfect. i go in, pick it up to the kitchen like diamonds. >> we have to wrap it now, but i may spend time with you, your cauliflower and stequila. >> that's a fun evening. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> very entertaining. right now on cnn, high powered talks at the white house. president obama making the case for a big deal on the debt ceiling. meeting with congressional leaders and calling for more talks on monday with a presidential news conference ahead of it. meanwhile, as you can see from live pictures from new york, that debt clock just keeps on ticking. also inflammatory words put on paper in the form of a pledge about slavery, black children, and president obama has two presidential contenders backtracking tonight. what exactly did they mean? and the british invasion. william and kate's whirlwind trip through california.
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cnn traveled with the royals. one stop included l.a.'s skid row and -- >> as far as i'm concerned betty ford saved my life. i went to betty ford in the end of 19 5 for cocaine addiction, and i was one of the lucky ones. >> the first lady who helped save the lives of some of the most famous people in the world by turning her struggle into triumph. tonight we remember betty ford the outspoken first lady who changed the way we all view addiction and recovery. good evening. i'm don lemon. that debt clock in new york city as you can see tonight, it just keeps ticking upwards. a startling reminder of just what a dire situation we are in when it comes to ongoing deficit negotiations. unless congress raises the amount of money the government can bar e, the borrow, the u.s. and the world could face an inpresidentsed financial crisis in three weeks. the president and congressional leaders met at the white house to work on the problem of
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raising the federal debt ceiling which is now $14.3 trillion. they even took off their ties. but just 75 minutes later, they left without saying a word. now i want to bring in dan lothian. serious business. the president said it is important to have a deal in ten dais. he scheduled a news conference for tomorrow morning. was there progress tonight? >> reporter: well, in the words of one democratic aide, no breakthrough yet, but the president has called on these congressional leaders to return to the white house tomorrow to continue their discussions with a view on what potentially could pass both houses. as you pointed out, the president also expected to hold news conference. now one democratic official who is quite aware of what's going on in those discussions said that the president continued to push for that so-called big deal. up to $4 trillion in spending cuts and tax hikes because he believes that this is what's best long-term for the u.s. economy.
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the president also making the case that it's unclear that it would be any easier to do anything less than a big deal, don. >> to get this done, partisan support. is there much bipartisan support for it? is there much real bipartisan effort to resolve the crisis? >> right now everyone is talking about how they realize there is a big crisis here, something has to be done. but both sides far apart. nonetheless, both republicans and democrats were putting out press releases tonight. a postmeeting. a senate majority leader for harry reid said he spoke firmly and is committed to the most robust deal possible. he's committed at staying at the negotiations until something is done no matter how long it takes. spokesman for speaker john boehner said he told the group he believes the biden group work is the most, quote, viable option in terms of moving forward. but republicans still want to see deeper cuts and don't want to see any tax hikes.
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>> dan lothian, thank you very much. as we mentioned, president obama will update the country on the status of important negotiations monday morning all the 11:00 a.m. eastern. cnn will bring it to you live. of course. i want to bring in errol lewis a political anchor from new york one and senior analyst david gergen. the treasury department has set a deadline of august 2 to get it done. is there a possibility that they won't? >> oh, no. i can't imagine that. we have a better sense of what could happen if there is a default. is abstract notion of a foreign bond holder not getting payments on time is one thing. now it turns out they may have to lay off up to 800,000 federal workers, not fund the department of education for a month. they would have to be furlowed at a minimum, not paid on time. this is serious, serious stuff that a lot of people can relate to. so the white house to i think to its credit tried not to
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sugarcoat this thing. as the details become more clear as we get closer to the brink i think people will realize a deal has to be done. some kind of deal. >> president obama seems to be in a no win situation. no matter who he appeases he'll anger somebody. so what does he do in this situation? >> he's in a box of sorts, and so are the republicans. the good news is that leaders in both parties agree now that we cannot go into default. that was in question. some weeks ago that was in question. both sides are now committed to a deal. what appears tonight is that they didn't have much of negotiation. 75 minutes is not considered serious time frame for real negotiations. i don't think they got anywhere tonight. what is fairly clear now is the idea of a mega deal that the president wanted and john boehner really wanted. i think has gone by the boards. the question is can they get a moderate-sized deal, about half the size on $2 trillion that would carry through the elections of next year so they wouldn't have to revisit the issue before the elections. both sides want to avoid coming
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back to this next year. jessica yellen reports there is some pfeiling feeling in the white house they will get it. there is optimism about that. when you come down to what the deal looks like it's hard to see how they agree. it's very hard to see how they reach an agreement. >> errol, what happens on august 2nd if there is no deal to raise the debt ceiling? really does it matter if it's august 2nd, or days or weeks before? won't they spook investors the longer they wait to come up with a deal? >> here again, i don't know if the worry is the investor so much. to be honest with you, don, much of the rhetoric around it, sounding as if chinese bond holders are going to come in here and padlock the white house or something, that's not realistic. a lot of the debts, obligations are held by people who have no intention of cashing in the bonds at any point. the united states is in a peculiar position as the world super power and the greater than
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guarantee guarantor of the reserve currency of the world. that's why raising the debt ceiling has never been a big deal. other than the politics of it, nobody really expects that there will be a run on the currency or anything like that. >> yeah. >> but what the rest of the world is expecting is that we will resolve these kind of questions and not engage in this kind of political brinksmanship. >> we saw live pictures of the debt clock that keeps on ticking upwards. as we said, a stark reminder of how dire the negotiations are. but this has been growing worse and worse over many add min strass and, "democrats and republicans" are responsible for this debt, even though they seem to be locked on their own sides now. >> yeah. by all indications we are going to have another example of politicians in washington kicking the can down the road before this is over. and in normal time, that wouldn't be so dangerous. the problem is we are not in
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normal times. the rating agency, standard & poor's first out of the box but moody's as well, have all warned. but s&p clearly, if the united states does not come up with a credible plan before 2013, before the elections of next year for the long-term solution to its debt problems, there's a one in three chance that the s&p will downgrade our credit rating. we haven't seen it since the first world war. i don't think we'll go into default but if we don't have a credible long-term plan soon we run the risk of a credit rating being downgraded. >> all right. david and errol, don't go anywhere. thank you very much. we are going to bring you back in a bit to talk about this marriage pledge that a conservative group is pushing which originally included incendiary language about slavery, of all things. don't miss that. remember when osama bin laden was found and killed in pakistan? the united states government and lots of americans suspicious
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that the pakistani government knew he was there the entire time. today, payback. the checkbook is closed. also, a fan falls to his death while trying to catch a baseball. his young son watches it happen. tonight, new information about the steps being taken at the stadium where he died to prevent another tragedy. and a pro sports hall-of-famer weighs in on stadium dangers. if you want information about the stories we are covering, want to offer us some to cover, reach out through twitter, facebook, and on as well. [ female announcer ] now at red lobster a complete four course seafood feast for $15. start with soup then have salad and biscuits followed by 1 of 7 delicious entrees and finish with something sweet all for just $15. right now at red lobster. all for j♪ $15. ♪
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incredible scenes coming out of northern india where a passenger train jumped the tracks. the impact was so severe one car ended up on top of another. at least 28 people were killed and 100 others injured. nearby residents rushed to the crash site and smashed the train's windows open to help get trapped passengers out. the u.s. is withholding $800 million in military aid to pakistan. a major indication that the rift between the two countries is only growing. the u.s. and pakistan are allies but there are major trust issues between the two, especially after u.s. special forces found osama bin laden hiding snuggly inside pakistan. standing by live in pakistan, reza, how does this impact u.s./pakistani relations? >> reporter: i think this hurts a relationship that's already on shaky ground. for years we have heard a lot of rhetoric from both sides, finger
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pointing, accusations. this is more than rhetoric. i think things changed after the raid on the bin laden compound here in pakistan in may. this was viewed by many here in pakistan as an embarrassment for the country and the military. it was viewed as a violation of pakistan's sovereignty by people here. i think ever since then, both sides have made moves that substantially changed the complexion of this relationship. withholding $ 00 million of u.s. aid is significant. this is cash and military equipment. the message here is we are not happy with the effort you are making. if you want to continue to get our money and funding and resources, there is going to have to be some changes. it signals a different approach from washington. it's a more aggressive approach. but it's something that hasn't always worked here in pakistan. don, pakistan always said, we don't like the carrot and stick approach. it's disrespectful and i think it will be viewed as disrespectful by people here
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again. >> again, that's the response from pakistan to the withholding? that think it's disrespectful, right? >> reporter: the response is, you can keep your money. we don't want it. the military claims they have been doing a lot of operations without external help and u.s. funding and they will continue to do it. again, $800 million is significant to u.s. training, the equipment. i don't think there is a question it will impact the operations here. >> that's my question. can pakistan's military take on the taliban and militancy without u.s. money and resources, reza? >> reporter: well, look. they have a big army. 600,000 soldiers. it's one of the biggest armies of the world. they are not the best trained army, not the most proficient when it comes to fighting and insurgency.
10:15 pm
fighting that the taliban, that they've needed the help of the u.s. in the past, but, again, they're saying they don't need the help anymore. they're going to continue to fight without the u.s.' help. but it doesn't square with previous statements made in the past. previous demands for the u.s. to give them more money, give them resources, claims that they need help. now they say they don't need help. i think this is gamesmanship and i think all of this really underscores a troubled relationship, but i think what's important to point out is though the relationship is hurting there is no indication that it will end. both countries realize that they need one another so i think there are indications that it will stagger forward despite the troubles. >> reza sayah in islamabad. thanks so much. imagine being told a child born into slavely in 1860 was more likely to be raised in a
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welcome to the international space station for the last time. >> high overhead, an historic moment that we'll never see again. space shuttle "atlantis" is docked with the international space station for the final time. the flight represents the end of the longtime u.s. shuttle program. as shuttle missions go, this one is fairly routine. "atlantis" delivered supplies and spare parts. when it returns, it will bring back a broken pump and lots of emotional memories. let's talk politics now. this is one of the strangest arguments you will hear about the sanctity of marriage.
10:19 pm
a socially conservative group called the family leader sent a pledge to politicians asking them to sign it in support of traditional marriage. listen to what the people originally -- the pledge originally had in the preamble. it read like this -- slavery had a disastrous impact on african-american families. yet sadly a child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two-parent household than was an african-american baby born after the election of the usa's first african-american president. two republican candidates, michele bachmann and rick santorum signed that pledge. bachmann said she only signed the candidate vow part of it which didn't reference slavery at all. her spokeswoman says in no uncertain terms congresswoman bachmann believes slavery was horrible. the leader has retracted that passage.
10:20 pm
now i bring back errol louis and cnn's senior political analyst david gergen. david, why was that slavery passage ever in the pledge to begin with? >> it's a total mystery. tough be a real idiot to write that. it would be so obnoxious because the implication of the statement is it was better for children to be born into slavery than it was to be born today. i think everyone and errol can speak to this more eloquently than i can, would find that obnoxious, especially coming from a group that pledges itself to freedom. erroll, i'll let you speak to that. >> well, look, let's start with the fact that in 1860 marriage between people who were enslaved was illegal. so they actually picked the wrong year. if they wanted to make the point it needed to be a year after 1865. but the level of ignorance and
10:21 pm
as david says, obnoxious tone to the whole thing is typical of what you get. i mean, frankly, if nothing else it makes clear candidates who aren't ready for prime time are going to be found out through this process. if there is anything good that comes of this, at least you get to see which campaigns have their heads on straight and have their basic knowledge of history intact and which ones don't. >> did you notice in the signing of the -- when michele bachmann responded she said that economic enslavement was also bad. was that also a dig? >> i'm not sure. i want to part company with errol on one part. i think the obnoxious is from those who wrote it. as to the two candidates, i think it's unfair to subscribe to them what this represents, incompetence on the part of their staff.
10:22 pm
it goes to far to say that's actually what the candidates believe. what i think the larger pernicious quality this points to is that pledges are proliferating in political campaigns and people are being asked to sign up to things that in this case are way out of bounds. but in other cases, they lock their hands so they can't act. to go back to the earlier conversation, 230 members of the house signed a no new taxes pledge. that means they have promised while in washington they will never raise taxes. that makes it very, very difficult to try to reach and foster some sort of compromise to get us out of the debt problem. >> david gergen, that has to be the last word. errol, thanks to you. thanks to you both. coming up on cnn -- >> mr. stone lost his life as a result of a tragic accident at rangers ballpark last night. >> the baseball community mourns the loss of a fan who fell over a stadium railing and died trying to catch a ball thrown into the stands.
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made me tear up instantly. i imagined my husband doing the same thing for my son. >> with so many people going to the ballparks it is a tragedy resonating across the country. a father and son out for a day at the rangers ballpark in arlington, texas. after this game, nothing would ever be the same. 39-year-old shannon stone reached for a ball and fell headfirst over the railing, dropping 20 feet to his death. his 6-year-old son right next to him saw the entire thing. black tarps are covering the gap stone fell into. flags are flying at half staff at the ballpark.
10:26 pm
a man beside stone named ronny hargas moved fast, tried to pull him back. >> the first instinct is to grab him. i couldn't catch him. he went down. as he went by, i tried to grab him again and i missed. it looked like in slow motion as he was going to the ground. there was nothing i could do but watch hill fall. >> i was talking about this with football hall-of-famer fran tarkenton. he's spent much of his life in stadiums and sympathizes with the stone family. >> the whole tragedy -- we all saw it. we feel it because we have been to games with our fathers, with our sons. this is a fireman, a working guy who does physical work and he's comfortable and all of the sudden it's gone. life is so fragile. here we see it wasn't supposed to happen. >> funeral services will be held for shannon stone on monday.
10:27 pm
our affiliate wfaa reports that the rangers met with city leaders, architects and contractors about changes to the stadium, but there are no immediate decisions on that. let's go overseas now. gunfire ringing out in parts of syria. demonstrators say the government's violent crackdown is continuing, even as the syrian regime is vowing to carry out reforms. it began what it calls national dialogue talks today, but a lot of the opposition didn't show up. cnn's arwa damon is in damascus. >> reporter: the seenian government is promoting this as the initial step to create the framework to implement the president's long promised reforms, which include a multiparty system to set the country on a new path of democracy, the government says. the conference opened by the syrian vice president who,
10:28 pm
interestingly, acknowledged that the conference was taking place in an atmosphere -- he also admitted that without the sacrifices, the bloodshed on the civilian and the military side, this type of dialogue would not be taking place. still, there was harsh criticism from the few opposition voices inside, especially criticizing what they are calling the government's excessive use of force. >> translator: the bloodshed needs to stop. yes, there are unauthorized protests. but is it a reason to use unjustified and excessive violence against these protests? the use of all types of excessive force is unjustified. >> reporter: others said for this type of dialogue to succeed the violence against demonstrators had to stop. it is, in fact, because of this violence that the significant and prominent opposition figures boycotted the conference saying if the government wants to truly prove that it is genuine when it speaks about reform, the
10:29 pm
violence must end saying that dialogue cannot even be -- while people continue to die on the street. arwa damon, cnn, damascus. >> up next, your headlines and also, britain's prince william and his wife catherine pay a visit 20 a place in los angeles that most americans don't want to see.... these are our neighbors putting their lives on the line. and when they rely on a battery, there are firefighters everywhere who trust duracell. and now you can join with duracell to help. just buy specially-marked packs & duracell will make a battery donation to local volunteers. these days don't we all need someone to trust...? duracell. trusted everywhere.
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let's check your headlines right now. president barack obama will hold a news conference monday at 11:00 a.m. to update the country on the status of debt ceiling negotiations. he and congressional leaders met at the white house. the meeting lasted only a little over an hour. the government maxed out its borrowing at $14.3 trillion. the treasury department says if it can't borrow more money by august 2nd, the u.s. will start defaulting on its obligations. there is further proof of the deteriorating relationship between the u.s. and pakistan. white house chief of staff confirmed the move on abc's "this week." the u.s. and pakistan are allies but there are trust issues between the two, especially after u.s. special forces found osama bin laden hiding inside pakistan. a scene of grief after a russian cruise ship sinks in a
10:33 pm
river. at least two people are dead. 100 more are missing and 80 others were rescued according to the state-run news agency. the scene is near the city of kazan. the agency reports a criminal investigation is under way over accusations of safety violations on the ship. there were nearly 200 people on board. a nasa space shuttle is docked with the international space station for the final time. the "atlantis" is delivering supplies and spare parts. it returns to earth in two weeks marking the end of nasa's shuttle program. all right. listen up, everyone. a heat wave covers the southeast and midwest. in milwaukee, runners collapsed at a half marathon event in the 85-degree weather. rescuers had to transport ten people to the hospital. many of the water stations ran dry. then we go to arkansas. eight people died there from the heat. as the temperatures go up, so do
10:34 pm
the heat advisories and warnings. our meteorologist jacqui jeras joins us from the severe weather center with more on these dangerous conditions. heat kills more people than any other disaster, anything else really. >> in the last ten years more people died from heat related illnesses than from hurricanes, flooding, lightning, all of those things combined, believe it or not. it is a silent killer and we are concerned about that in the upcoming days. there are 16 states under a heat advisories or excessive heat warnings. this is a heat wave that will be lasting until the middle of the week. it should wane across the central plain states but will linger in places like oklahoma, texas. be aware that this is here for the long haul. it will be feeling between 100 to 115 degrees. that's the temperature your body will feel from the combined heat and humidity. so that's dangerous. you really need to take a lot of precautions here.
10:35 pm
a lot of record temperatures broken today. for example, wichita, kansas, hit 111. >> here's the question. what about tomorrow morning's commute and air travel? will the heat affect that? >> probably not much. you have to be careful in mountain areas that you don't have a heavy load on airplanes. we will see thunderstorms. not much severe activity today but a lot of pop-up showers and thunderstorms. that will be the concern in atlanta and miami tomorrow afternoon. we expect delays in denver, much like we did today because of thunderstorms. city number three, san francisco expecting delays in the morning due to low clouds and fog. detroit and cleveland, afternoon showers and thunderstorms. a few could be strong. more delays in chicago than any other city because of thunderstorms in the morning as well as into the afternoon hours. doesn't take much of a hiccup to cause problems unfortunately at o'hare. >> now you know. jacqui jeras, thank you. appreciate it. britain's prince william and his wife catherine are headed home after a whirlwind tour of canada and california.
10:36 pm
from the glitz of hollywood to l.a.'s skid row, the newlyweds captivated everyone and capped their final day in the u.s. with a tribute to the troops. max foster followed their every step. max? >> reporter: don, the couple are now headed back to the uk after their tour of north america. they are no doubt looking forward to hiding away in their cottage in north wales. after taking canada by storm it was time to visit california. the duke and duchess invited friends to the consul general's house where they were staying. the next morning it was off to santa barbara for polo. the duke was, in his own words, looking forward to letting loose after a busy few days. his team won and a proud duchess presented her husband with a trophy and a kiss. on saturday night, they hit the red carpet. the duchess has arrived and she hasn't disappointed.
10:37 pm
the dress by alexander mcqueen wowed the hollywood a-listers inside. on sunday the couple threw themselves into an art class with kids from a deprived neighborhood. the artistic duchess showing her skills. on their last engagement was a war veterans job fair. this is the final stop on this successful north american royal tour. in many ways this is the most important stop, particularly for the duke. >> i would say on behalf of us both how grateful we are to have been welcomed so warmly in the golden state and city of angels. thank you so much. >> reporter: perhaps a sense amongst the public in california that they would have liked to have got closer to the couple. but it's been deemed a success. >> max foster, thank you, sir. next we'll take a look at the top stories you will be following tomorrow and then the week ahead. also remembering one of the most influential first ladies in our nation's history. betty ford who died at the age of 93. my conversation with larry king after the break.
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now to the big stories the week ahead. from washington to hollywood our correspondents tell you what you need to know. we begin tonight with the state department. >> in washington, secretary of state hillary clinton will try to jump-start peace between israelis and palestinians monday when she meets with the middle east quartet.
10:41 pm
she'll travel to istanbul to attend a meeting on libya with members of the nato coalition. then to athens and new delhi for strategic talks with indian leaders. >> i'm paul steinhauser at the cnn political desk. a bunch of the presidential candidates will campaign in early voting states. among them herman cain who opens in iowa. tuesday, there is a special election in the los angeles area to fill the seat of former democratic congresswoman jane harmon who stepped down earlier this year. >> i'm poppy harlow in new york. following the abysmal jobs report on friday, general electric's ceo will speak in d.c. at a jobs summit on monday. second quarter earning season kicks off with j.p. morgan chase, citigroup and google all reporting numbers. as far as economic news we'll get minutes from the fed's last meeting. those are critical to see how the economy is doing. we'll track it all for you on "cnn money." >> i'm a.j. hammer. this is what we are watching
10:42 pm
tonight -- new developments in the casey anthony watch. the incredible explosive ways casey may cash in on fame and the disturbing connections between casey and o.j. simpson. be sure to catch "showbiz tonight" exclusively weeknights on hln. the nation is mourning the death of former first lady, one who conquered her own addiction and went on to help others. betty ford, the name behind the betty ford center died at the age of 93 of natural causes. one funeral in california on tuesday. the other is thursday in michigan. the public is invited to pay respects. the wife of former president gerald ford was honest and forthcoming about her addiction to alcohol and painkillers. larry king interviewed ford several times and found that out firsthand. he spoke with me by phone. >> she lived a glorious life.
10:43 pm
she had a great family. in fact, one of the best moments in all the years i have been on cnn was when gerald ford described what her intervention scene was like when the family gathered around to tell their mother and wife that she's an alcoholic. she had to accept that and come forward with it. >> you were helped by an intervention which your husband brilliantly described on this show one night. >> yes. >> what happened? >> it was a terrible shock to me. i knew i didn't feel well. all of the sudden the family walked in -- >> the whole family. >> surprising, yes. everybody had come from all around the country. >> you were in bed? >> no, no. i was up, but i wasn't dressed. it was in the morning. they walked in and i thought, isn't this dear? they have come because i don't feel well. how sweet of them. then i saw strangers with them.
10:44 pm
i knew immediately something was wrong. it was a doctor and another doctor and a nurse who were helping them with the intervention. >> were you shocked? >> i didn't know quite what it was at that point. because i knew nothing about an intervention. >> when they spoke, were you shocked? >> oh, yes. i was totally destroyed when my family said what they felt. >> i think she'll be remembered a long time. america has a special place for people like this. and betty ford owns a little piece of it. >> betty ford was married to her husband for 58 years. gerald ford died in 2006. up next, a heinous hate crime. this student was fatally shot at point blank range in the head by another student during class. that's bad enough. but the apparent motive -- sexuality. the victim was gay. we'll go in depth on the hate crime after the break. all of your balances
10:45 pm
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now to california and a story that will challenge your thinking about exactly what constitutes a hate crime. it involves two middle school students -- one gay, the other straight. in february of 2008 the straight kid allegedly pulled out a gun in class and killed the gay student. now 17, he's on trial as an adult for murder. his life now in the balance. reporter vince gonzales reports on the crime and its consequences. >> kids first!
10:48 pm
stop the violence! peace in the streets! >> reporter: students marched in oxnard, california, in memory of lawrence king. the 15-year-old student police say was gunned down by a classmate because he was openly gay. the murder shocked the southern california community inconceivable anybody could be that angry at a kid that was that nice. >> reporter: he's remembered as friendly and outgoing but he became the subject of taunts and bullying in school after speaking out about his sexual orientation and wearing makeup, lipstick and jewelry to school. >> that was a very small part of larry. just one facet of his life. >> reporter: the situation apparently escalated. on february 12, 14-year-old brandon mcinerney allegedly shot king in the head in the computer lab. >> it was larry? oh, my god. >> reporter: mcinerney was arrested a few short blocks away.
10:49 pm
king was pronounced brain dead at a local hospital. his body was kept alive so his organs could be donated. at the school, some parents say it's time to teach more tolerance in california classrooms. >> it's sad but it's not just this district. it's every district. something really has to be implemented. >> reporter: for cnn, vince gonzales in los angeles. >> at first it looked like a simple hate crime but as students and teachers testified at a trial last week, a much more complicated picture has begun to emerge. we talked about the tragic case with clinical psychologist and a reporter with the ventura county star. >> the biggest thing so far is the day before is when things came to a head. other students said larry would cast gazes at brandon and brandon was obviously uncomfortable wit. many students would say larry would push his sexuality on people who were uncomfortable with it. it was his way of giving back to
10:50 pm
the boys who were taunting him. in the rumors flying around school the day before the shooting was that larry said in a crowded classroom to brandon, he said, i love you, baby. there was another rumor that he asked him to be his valentine. the shooting happened two days before valentine's day, and another rumor that he was blowing kisses to brandon as well. >> it's sad that we look at larry's behavior and say he was being antagonistic. of course, i wasn't there, but i can only imagine that beg gay being gay, described himself as gay, that he was probably harassed so many times, and this was his way of fighting back the best way he can. what we know about the alleged killer, brandon, is he came from a difficult background. there was alcohol, domestic violence as he was growing up. this was already a young man who was at risk. there are some rumors, and this may come out in court that there
10:51 pm
may have been some sormt of an influence by white supremacy person or group in some of the things that this young man read. he was an angry young man. this should not have happened. more attention should have been given to him and what his psychological issues were. >> okay. do you know -- do you know, zeke, where he might have gotten the gun? also we are hearing he may have told other students that he was going to do this. if so, is that premeditated? >> he got the gun from his home or his grandfather's home. the defense said that brandon did it. he came from a home where drug and violence and guns were commonplace. a student testified earlier in the week that he had said to them, i could shoot anybody at any time i want to. it's easy for me to get guns. the day before he told a friend that he was going to bring a gun to school the next day.
10:52 pm
>> brandon is 17 and could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted. a rare sunday meeting at the white house to try to avoid a financial crisis for our country. that's among the top stories tonight. that's next. also this -- mtv, president reagan, rubik's cubes and pac-man all defined the 1980s. how about the fashion, the hair and music? check this out. what happened to my hair? find out coming up. i'm going back to the 80s. woman: saving for our child's college fund was getting expensive. man: yes it was. so to save some money, we taught our 5 year old how to dunk. woman: scholarship! woman: honey go get him. anncr: there's an easier way to save. get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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let's check your headlines right now. president obama will hold a news conference at 11:00 a.m. monday to update the country on the status of debt ceiling negotiations. he and congressional leaders met tonight at the white house, but the meeting lasted only a little over an hour. the government maxed out its borrowing at $14.3 trillion. the treasury department said if it can't borrow more by august 2nd, the u.s. could start defaulting on obligations. more proof of the deteriorating relationship between the u.s. and pakistan. the u.s. is withholding $800 million in military aid to that country. white house chief of staff
10:56 pm
william daly confirmed the move on abc's "this week" there are major trust issues especially after u.s. special forces found osama bin laden hiding inside pakistan. a scene of grief after a russian cruise ship sinks in a river. at least two people are dead, 100 missing and 80 others rescued according to the state-run news agency. the accident happened near kazan. there is a criminal investigation under way over possible safety violations on the ship. nearly 200 people were onboard. britain's prince william and his wife catherine are headed home. the royal newlyweds left quite an impression. they made hand imprints when visiting an art program for inner city kids on l.a.'s skid row. the duke and duchess of cambridge also attended a job fair for u.s. military veterans and their families.
10:57 pm
prince william hailed the troops whom he called the front lines of a remarkable relationship between the u.s. and britain. a nasa space shuttle has docked with the international space station for the final time. the "atlantis" is delivering supplies and spare parts and returns to earth in two weeks marking the end of nasa's shuttle program. ♪ what do you remember about the '80s? the hair? the clothes? for many it was the music, specifically hair rock bands. that music is being remembered and celebrated in america's ultimate recycling bin, the broadway stage in the jukebox musical "rock of ages." i had a chance to go backstage for an upclose look at the show, the cast and all that hair. are you ready? let's go back to the '80s. >> on this show it's all about the hair.
10:58 pm
you ke soo that. '80s. what's more '80, than a mullet? >> live theater right there. we're getting ready for a crazy night of rom n roll and of "rock of ages." ♪ >> what should people know about this production? why is it so popular? >> well, you know, it's, like, the '80s. it's got to be that time where crazy rock, hair, makeup and clothing is just something -- >> nostalgia. people have a sort of fondness for this era, and as soon as they hear the songs that brought back and transfixed into this great time in their lives. ♪ don't need nothing ♪ but a good time >> it's the type of show people were longing for in this down climate that we have had. you know? >> i love the cowbell. so '80s. the cowbell. >> so many great songs in the show. there are a lot of mash-ups.
10:59 pm
>> can you sing some? ♪ we don't need to talk about it anymore ♪ ♪ yesterday is just a memory ♪ can we close the door >> it's 1987 on the sunset strip. this set looks like a simple sort of one-dimensional set but it transforms into many things depending on the lighting. we have a great l.e.d. screen. we do a live action shot during the show. ♪ i want to rock >> come on! ♪ i want to rock >> you've got jack daniels, the ramones, some bras on stage. >> it's a really detailed stage. the audience doesn't see half of what we see. it brings us into character. >> i feel like i should have a mullet. >> there are plenty in the show. >> oh, yeah. ♪ i want to rock i want to rock ♪


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